International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Research

ISSN: 2455-2070

Vol. 2, Issue 9 (2016)

Role of women and skill development in rural development

Author(s): Dr. Rajasekhar N, Dr. Balakrishna BVV
Abstract: The concept of ‘Development’ is essentially a dynamic. It is a process of acquiring a sustained growth of a system’s capability to cope with new, continuous changes towards the achievement of progressive political, economic and social objectives. Activity related to the development is generally directed towards nation-building and socio-economic progress. It may be noted that the goals of development may be achieved by establishing close relation with the rural areas. Rural women active participation and support in the developmental tasks is very essential because it is for the people that goals are intended to be achieved. The objectives and goals of development are multiple and they are mainly aimed at increasing national income and through utilising the rural women resources raising standards of living of them and to secure justice, freedom, equality and security in the society. Rural development is targeted to show the means to a specific group of people, particularly rural poor, to enable themselves and their children more than the need. Rural development is a process, which involves broad based re-organization and mobilization of the rural masses so as to enhance their capacity to cope effectively with the daily tasks of their lives and with changes consequent upon this. Human Resource is the ultimate property for any nation. They can heap up the capital and utilize the natural resources. Human resource means the resource that resides in the knowledge, skills and motivation of people. It also often called as ‘work force’ or skilled and qualified ‘man Power’. It is physical and mental growth of people. Human resource development is continues process of quality of life of a people. Indian rural areas are source of agricultural produce, human values, culture and religion etc. Human resource development is a planned continuous effort through improve people’s capacity levels and organisational performance through education, training and developmental programmes. Human resource development is continues process of promoting quality of life for all people of an area. Three fourth of Indian populace belongs to villages. More than 65 percent of population in India is under 35 years. Most of the country’s resources are concentrated on rural areas. In India we have 83 crore rural humans (about 70 percent of population lives in rural areas), we have to make it as resource.
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