International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Research

ISSN: 2455-2070

Vol. 2, Issue 9 (2016)

Effectiveness of nature-walk to enhance environmental ethics through experiential learning and 3-D (Delight, Discuss, and Discover)

Author(s): Sivakamasundari R, Dr. Devaki N
Abstract: Every child is unique, intelligent and has the right to get education. It has been enshrined in the constitution. Apart from providing school education, wherever the child lives, it is mandatory to ensure the appropriate school ethos. That is why, the school as well as the class room should be an inviting place with safe supportive environs to learn everything through experience and creative space for the holistic development of all children in the school. NCF-2005 – rightly pointed out that children are very eager to know about themselves and their surroundings. If the learning environ helps to observe and study their surroundings, the part of it with which they come into contact would make them to interpret their surroundings, as full of fascinating, interesting challenges, question –provoking and answer- providing discovery-learning, opportunities to gain rich learning experiences. This enriches the learner to attain the desired learning outcome to equip with skills, to deal the whole universe with full enthusiasm. Gradually it makes them to value and care for their environs, in which they live, by which they would acquire the attitudes, for being responsible citizens, in sense with environmental ethics. It is concerned with the issue of responsible personal conduct with respect to natural landscapes, resources, species and non-human organisms, which is the hidden moral philosophy of environmental ethics.
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