International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Research

ISSN: 2455-2070

Vol. 2, Issue 9 (2016)

Techniques of behaviour management and behaviour modification for school students

Author(s): Dr. Priti Chaudhari
Abstract: Behaviour problems of students can be as serious as handicap to their development and learning as the mentally retarded children’s slowness to learn. Behaviour problems arise from external influences whose effects are not often noticed or understood by others. Often, emotional and psychological factors in apparently normal children are not readily seen or understood but are often labelled as depression, hostility, withdrawal or day dreaming to combat the stress. They may be battered and abused sexually, emotionally or physically. Most of these children are often in regular classrooms trying to cope with their problems without being understood. It is important for a teacher to understand the factors which could be responsible for the observable behaviour problems of their student’s behaviour or else s/he might deal with such students in a way which might aggravate the result. Students with behaviour problems often offer the most frustrating problems or the most rewarding challenges for teachers. Some problems faced by children are extreme shyness, fearfulness, aggression, attention getting, hyperactive, excessively dependent, day dreaming, lying and cheating, stealing etc. Many of the behaviour problems of the children can be handled by the teacher/parent by using rewards such as adult praise, treats and trinkets and parents/teachers can be trained to engage children with such problems in appropriate behaviours in order to earn these rewards. To deal effectively with behaviour problems a teacher must understand the reasons for behaviour problems. Among these reasons are attempts to satisfy personal or social needs, the teacher and classroom conditions and home, social and cultural conditions. Teachers and parents should use positive rather than punitive methods for correcting behaviour problems. Under certain conditions punishments can be effective. In deciding which type of corrective measures to employ, the teacher and parents should take into account its problem effects on child’s mental health and character formation, the effects on the morale and attitudes of other students. Corrective measures should also be suited to the individual students.
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