International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Research

ISSN: 2455-2070

Vol. 3, Issue 3 (2017)

Reproductive health among scheduled tribe (gujjar and bakkerwal) women of Kashmir

Author(s): Tanzila Hamid, Naheed Vaida, Dr. Imtiyaz ali
Abstract: The present study was undertaken to access reproductive health status of scheduled tribe women of Kashmir. The total number of 410 Scheduled Tribe women in the age group of 18-45 years from four districts of Kashmir i. e Anantnag, Baramulla, Gandarbal and Srinagar were covered. Standard reproductive health status interview schedule as framed by NFHS-3 (National Family Health Survey) volume II 2005-2006 with selective modification as per requirement was used to collect data. The study explored poor status of reproductive health among studied group as poor menstrual practices, low utilization of antenatal and intra natal care practices, non-acceptance of family planning techniques and presence of RTI/STI symptoms were found among majority of the respondents.
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