International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Research

ISSN: 2455-2070

Vol. 5, Issue 1 (2019)

Human rights education as a link between global citizenship and sustainable development in the 21st century: a hub for curriculum integration in Nigerian education

Author(s): Chia Ogheneovo Esther
Abstract: Human rights education as a link between global citizenship and sustainable development in the 21st century is predicated on the premise that schools and classrooms should be equipped to tackle diversity, promote tolerance and acceptance, bridging the gap between the local and global community. The 21st century is emerging with new trends in educational theory and practice. Its unfolding new opportunities, needs and challenges that require a ‘new paradigm’ shift in education. Nigerian Education should go beyond mere acquisition of numeracy and literacy skills, it should develop global citizens with multiple and global perspectives. The embedding of human rights education within the totality of all that is planned in the school curriculum will help to prepare learners for the rapid changing world, while also ensuring that young people become active participants in their local communities, and understand their roles within the wider world. This paper presents a concise exposition on the theoretical and practical relevance of human rights education to global citizenship and sustainable development. It postulated that the integration of human rights education into existing school curriculum will develop more global citizens who will make positive contributions to the global community for sustainable development. Contextually, the concepts of “human rights education”, “global citizenship”, and the nexus between curriculum integration and sustainable development were articulated. The paper also presents a model for the integration of human right education into the school curriculum. Relevant implications and recommendations were proffered at the end of the paper.
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