International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Research

ISSN: 2455-2070

Vol. 5, Issue 4 (2019)

Women on boards in corporate India

Author(s): Deepashree
Abstract: Gender diversity, Gender inclusion, Gender Mainstreaming is being considered as major thrust areas in every policy of India. India has realized that exclusion of women and their contributions never take the country towards the true social and economic development. Hence India has initiated several measures to empower women in all respects. No doubt all these efforts have led to bring drastic and major changes in the country. Thanks to the efforts of all the previous and present governments, because now women are not only seen in almost all every sector but they are creating their own mark in their respective fields say it in public administration, politics, business, teaching, social work etc. Moreover, in certain situations they are becoming indispensable. In spite of all these good signs still there are certain areas wherein gender diversity needs to become a pleasant reality. One such area is company boards. Among the Indian corporate boards, the gender diversity or gender balance is quite alarming. The government of India has enacted a new Companies Act in 2013. According to this it is mandatory to have at least one woman on its board in all the companies listed on stock exchanges. Many major corporate giants however, remain unaffected and still continue to drag this matter without implementing the norm. Though very few are implementing the norm it is not being implemented in its true spirit. In this back drop the paper has been developed. It presents the exemplary and inherent skills in women that make corporate boards effective. Further it discusses whether the companies need to look at it just as a norm or as a diversity driver.
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