International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Research

ISSN: 2455-2070

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The Effect of Music on the Social Behavior of a Child
Pages: 01-03  
Employee Work Stress: A Literature Review
Pages: 04-07  
The Tax Evasion and Compliance: An Exploratory Study on Malaysian Tax Payers
Pages: 08-13  
Women Development in Rural India
Pages: 14-18  
Understanding the Youth, Political Violence and Nigerian Politics
Pages: 19-22  
Women’s Paid and Unpaid Work in Unorganised Sector
Pages: 23-29  
Hkkjr esa jk"Vªh;rk dk vkfoHkkZo
Pages: 30-36  
ICT- An instrument for Women's Empowerment
Pages: 37-39  
An effect of Raga Therapy on our human body
Pages: 40-43  
A Study of Attitude of Upper Primary School Teachers towards Inclusive Education
Pages: 44-48  
Environmental Accounting in India- A Conceptual Study
Pages: 49-51  
A study of achievement motivation of university students in relation to their learning styles
Pages: 52-54  
The effect of music vs. silence on sleeping childcare children
Pages: 55-56  
Relationship between demographic variables and behavioural intention to adopt internet banking
Pages: 57-63  
‘Inter’ and ‘Intra- Generational’ Conflict on Environment: Kenyan Perspective
Pages: 64-74  
Physical fitness of athletes and non-athletes
Pages: 75-76  
;[bskB pkj{ dh ftukoXkok
Pages: 77-79  
Famime in Kashmir: Its causes and effects
Pages: 80-87  
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