International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Research

ISSN: 2455-2070

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Measuring technical efficiency of government aided lower primary schools: A case study in Southern Assam, North Eastern India
Pages: 01-08  
A study on the role of self-help group in women empowerment: A case study in K.V. Palli Mandal of Chittoor district
Pages: 09-11  
Work life balance of women employees in it industry: A study
Pages: 12-15  
The Facet: Childless marriage
Pages: 16-23  
Vision of inclusive higher education in India can be achieved through digital literacy
Pages: 24-25  
The application of governing boards as a panacea for the problems of schools: Special reference to Sri Lankan schools
Pages: 26-34  
नशीले पदार्थो का सेवन युवा पीढ़ी के लिए एक अभिशाप
Pages: 35-37  
Discourse and Social Realities: Assessing dorothy L. Sayers’ The Man Born to be King
Pages: 38-39  
Impact of change in market prices on expansion of new planting area of natural rubber: a study on rubber plantations in Tripura
Pages: 40-45  
उदयपुर शहर में जल के स्त्रोत व उनसे होने वाली जल आपूर्ति की मात्रा
Pages: 46-48  
उदयपुर शहर में प्रदुषित पेयजल से होने वाले रोग व उनका वितरण एवं जल शुद्विकरण के उपाय
Pages: 49-52  
भारत में मुस्लिम महिलाओं की एतिहासिक पृष्ठ भूमि: उनके अधिकारों के विशेष सन्दर्भ में
Pages: 53-56  
Blend of Indo-Nepal brotherhood: An example of global village
Pages: 57-59  
Study on pioneer novelist in indo: Anglian literature emerging a social realist at all costs in Mulk Raj Anand
Pages: 60-62  
Les barrages hydro-agricoles dans le nord de la Côte d’Ivoire à l’épreuve de la diffusion spatiale des innovations
Pages: 63-70  
The influence of quality of work life (QWL) and organizational commitment on job performance among academics in the Malaysian public universities
Pages: 71-76  
A family ethics in the ideology of Muhammad Ghazali
Pages: 77-78  
Different challenges and vulnerabilities of married female students in higher education
Pages: 79-81  
पंचायती राज संस्थाओं में महिलाओं की राजनीति के प्रति जागरूकता
Pages: 82-84  
Indonesian islamic rural banks (IRBs), banking risk factors: In a context of resilence?
Pages: 85-89  
Emergence of the social entrepreneurship in India: A theoretical study
Pages: 90-94  
Economic reforms and tax challenge in India: GST perspective
Pages: 95-99  
Women and child development: are sustainable development goals 2030 achievable? A study of BRICS Countries
Pages: 100-104  
Status of job satisfaction and workplace conditions of faculty teachers of Rajasthan University, Jaipur
Pages: 105-107  
गंदी बस्तियों के नियोजन की योजनाएँः रीवा संभाग की गन्दी बस्तियांे का प्रतीक भौगोलिक अध्ययन
Pages: 108-111  
अब्दुल बिस्मिल्लाह कृत ‘अपवित्र आख्यान’ में निहित भाषायी अंतर्द्वंद्व
Pages: 112-114  
बैगा जनजाति में साक्षरता विकास की प्रवृत्तिः म.प्र. के बालाघाट जिला का प्रतीक भौगोलिक अध्ययन
Pages: 115-117  
डॉ. राममनोहर लोहिया: धर्म-संस्कृति और इतिहास
Pages: 118-121  
उत्तराखण्ड़ के ग्रामीण क्षेत्रों में कृषि भूमि उपयोग प्रारूप परिवर्तन का विश्लेषणात्मक अध्ययनः पौड़ी गढ़वाल जिले के सन्दर्भ में
Pages: 122-126  
Rabindranath Tagore: Nation and nationalism
Pages: 127-131  
Political economy of land acquisition in India
Pages: 132-140  
बघेली लोक साहित्य में लोक मान्यताओं की अभिव्यक्ति का अध्ययन
Pages: 141-143  
मिर्जापुर जिले के बाह्य पर्यटक केन्द्रों का भौगोलिक अध्ययन
Pages: 144-148  
पंडित दीन दयाल उपाध्याय व्यक्त्वि एवं कृतित्व
Pages: 149-152  
Role of social workers in farmers training
Pages: 153-154  
How the education and health spendingworks on human capital quality: An evidence revolution?
Pages: 155-158  
Stress and coping among police officers: An integrated review of literature
Pages: 159-164  
Sankardeva as playwright and director of assamese drama: A Study
Pages: 165-167  
Assessment of the oral English proficiency level of the grade 9 students of San Francisco national high school, anao-aon, surigao del norte
Pages: 168-173  
Public policy lacuna: The travails of implementation in the Niger delta region of Nigeria
Pages: 174-176  
Violence against women in Afghanistan and its solutions
Pages: 177-182  
Reconstruction of law protection of consumers in the authorized vehicle credit agreement in Indonesia based on justice value
Pages: 183-189  
Reconstruction of regulation on requirements for formation and expansion of new province in Indonesia based on justice value
Pages: 190-194  
Reconstruction of farmer protection and empowerment in Indonesia based on justice value
Pages: 195-204  
Lex tempus delicti national criminal law in the book of criminal law ( kuhp ) law based on value justice of Pancasila
Pages: 205-209  
Optimization of sharia values in the sharia capital market industry in Indonesia
Pages: 210-215  
जनसंपर्क और विज्ञापन एवं दूरस्‍थ शिक्षा (उत्‍तराखण्‍ड मुक्‍त विश्‍वविद्यालय के विशेष सन्‍दर्भ में) ।
Pages: 216-222  
Reconstruction of mediation settlement of industrial relation dispute based on justice value in Indonesia
Pages: 223-228  
The wearing of charms tolak bala in avert on malay village bagan serdang Subdistrict Pantai Labu
Pages: 229-231  
Influence of interaction effects of organizational climate, education and gender on job satisfaction
Pages: 232-234  
Creativity lokal wisdom ofritual tolak bala “treatment of diseases” in melayu serdang community
Pages: 235-237  
Implementation of good governance principles in land registration process based on justice value in Indonesia
Pages: 238-246  
कश्मीर समस्या के बदलते आयाम अनुच्छेद 370 के परिप्रेक्ष्य मेंः एक अध्ययन
Pages: 247-250  
कामकाजी एवं गैर कामकाजी माताओं के बच्चों में स्वास्थ्य व पोषण के स्तर का तुलनात्मक अध्ययन
Pages: 251-253  
Growth of Patna urban area
Pages: 254-257  
Eating out as a new family recreation trend in Indonesia: Case study about the eating practices of the Yogyakarta people
Pages: 258-264  
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